Cage welding machines with well-proven technology

Driven and bored piles form the basis of load-bearing foundations on construction sites. There is usually no way around them especially in difficult soil conditions. Precast concrete driven piles are a popular choice. mbk, as one of the leading manufacturers of welding machines and systems for the construction and precast concrete industries, also has innovative solutions for this application in its product portfolio. Reinforcements of the most varied dimensions are possible with the VSM series cage welding machines.

These machines have been tried and tested over a long period of time and can thus guarantee stable production processes. This is primarily due to their high quality, reliability and durability – but also because of the numerous possibilities of customising them completely individually to relevant production requirements. mbk is passionate about its work, should special designs and dimensions outside the usual range be required, and ensures that (almost) every customer specification can be met with a high level of technical expertise, a wealth of experience and immense innovative power.

Image 1: VSM-V cage welding machine

Square cages – VSM-V cage welding machine

The VSM-V cage welding machine is tailored to the production of square reinforcements for driven piles, and also columns and girders up to a maximum length of 24m. Flank lengths of 111 to 422 mm are possible depending on the wire diameter combination. Both single and double wires can be welded in the corner.

The VSM, unlike the other types of mbk cage welding machines, works or welds on a stationary product. It means that, rather than the cage, the coil together with the winding wire and welding unit rotates around the product, resulting in more speed and stability for products with a square cross-section.

The spool for the winding wire can either be wound directly in the machine or alternatively by means of a separate spool winder. This then allows very short changeover times in conjunction with additional spools when the winding wire runs out or needs to be changed to a different wire diameter.

Image 2: The spool rotates around the product together with the winding wire and welding unit. The result – more speed and more stability for products with a square cross-section

Image 3: Square, rectangular, round, triangular – the VSM-S cage welding machine

Image 4: VSM-057-S cage welding machine from mbk

The wire decoiler supplied for coils is equipped with an adjustable decoiler attachment, which allows different coil sizes to be accommodated and is designed for a max. coil weight of 3,000 kg.

Square, rectangular, round, triangular – the VSM-S cage welding machine

The VSM-S cage welding machine is the flexible version of the well-known VSM. In this design, adaptable interchangeable discs allow different cage geometries to be produced on one and the same machine, with flank lengths up to 450 mm or diameters/diagonals up to 636 mm depending on the wire diameter combination. The discs and thus cage geometry can be changed easily and rapidly by means of a quick-change system. This has more than proven its worth particularly in the case of frequent geometry changes, such as in steel reinforcement and precast production facilities.

This flexibility makes the VSM-S interesting not only in manufacturing driven piles, but also for producing reinforcement for bored piles, precast concrete columns, beams and masts.

Image 5: Automatic VSM-V with DRA-20-M

Round cages can also be produced in lengths up to 24 m – with different cage diameters and also different spacings. Cage lengths of up to 14 m can be achieved when manufacturing rectangular cages. Processable wire diameters for all versions are 8 to 25 mm for the longitudinal wire and 5 to 8 mm for the winding wire.

Practical add-ons – accessories and automation solutions for the VSM

A comprehensive range of accessories is available for the VSM series, as well as automation solutions ranging from the simple automation of individual operations to fully automated production lines.

This means that longitudinal wires can be prefabricated and automatically fed to the machine when connected to a wire straightening and cutting line, allowing different cage lengths with different wire diameters to be produced just in time. It also facilitates a high degree of flexibility in production, for example, when fulfilling structural specifications for customer orders. The fully automated changeover of all relevant systems to other product sizes is possible as is the integration of a longitudinal wire insertion device for welding cages with short longitudinal wire overhangs.

After welding, cage handling equipment and stacking systems enable the automatic removal, intermediate storage, transport and positioning of finished products for further processing in downstream operations.

Image 6: VSM-V with intermediate storage system including product positioning for removal

Flexibility is enhanced significantly thanks to fully automated production processes. Outputs of up to 1,600 linear meters of driven pile cages are also possible in a single working shift.

A bundling solution for packaging cages for shipping is also part of the extensive range of accessories for the VSM. All of these automation solutions both ensure savings on personnel in the manufacturing process and also allow staff to work ergonomically in day-to-day production operations.

Specialised for over 60 years in manufacturing reinforcement welding machines

mbk is a global player in the concrete, construction and precast industries with over 1,200 machines sold worldwide. Welding machines – now in the third generation – have been manufactured in Kisslegg since 1961 and are operating in more than 60 countries. Professional, technically advanced after-sales service also plays a significant role in the company’s day-to-day activities. Quality “Made in Germany”, assured by qualified personnel, a state of the art design and development department, new generation machinery and last but not least ISO 9001 certification.