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Retrofit – Innovative modernisation solutions for your machines

As a service-orientated company, we offer innovative retrofit solutions for older generations of machines. Our aim is to ensure the operational readiness of your equipment while reducing operating costs. Our retrofit solutions are available in various upgrade levels, which we tailor to meet our customers’ individual requirements.

Our standard retrofit packages typically include:

  • Control cabinet: replacement of the key electronic components to increase process reliability and machine availability.
  • Safety control and light grids: improved personal protection with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Drive inverters: optimisation of the drive systems.
  • Servo drive motors: more efficient utilisation of drive energy.
  • Touchscreen: modern user interface for operator-friendly control.
  • Remote maintenance connection via the Internet: convenient remote maintenance option.

A range of automation options are also available, including:

  • Main wheel lubrication: automated main wheel lubrication for smooth production.
  • Motorised wire decoiler: increased comfort and reduced wear.
  • Automatic longitudinal wire feed: automated wire feed from the coil or directly from the wire coil.
  • Automatic wire wrap cutter: automated cutting of the wrap wire after cage production.
  • A range of cage removal systems: automated removal and handling of the product.

Further options to expand your retrofit package:

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic package: replacement of pneumatic valves, pressure reducers and complete hydraulic units.
  • Speed package: increases production speed by up to 20 %.
  • Mechanics package: includes main wheels, clamping strips, sliders, track rollers, expanding and thrust shaft bearings.

Advantages of a new control system:

  • Password assignment with different password levels for each employee
  • Create and save an unlimited number of production programs
  • Automatic saving of daily production with information on operator, quantity and cage program name
  • Easy language selection for the display in the main menu
  • Convenient remote maintenance option

Customer testimony:

Francisco Beltrán, Operations Manager at Manufacturas de Cemento S.A.


We have been producing concrete pipes with an mbk welding machine since 1980 and it has really stood the test of time. In 2015, we carried out a profitability audit of our production facilities. It then became clear that modernisation was necessary to ensure the supply of spare parts for the future.

We consulted with the mbk team and received a customised retrofit package to bring our machine up to date.


The retrofit solution for Manufacturas de Cemento S.A. included:

  • Drive control
  • Control panel with safety control
  • Monitoring of drive positions and speeds
  • PLC control
  • Industry computer with touch panel
  • Internet connection
  • Latest safety standards
  • Pneumatic valves and hydraulic units

The highlight: our remote service. The mbk service team can provide support in an emergency and prevent machine downtimes.

“The retrofit solution from mbk safeguards our future. We would most definitely recommend them! We are absolutely confident that mbk offers the right solution for every type of machine”.

We look forward to finding the perfect retrofit solution for your machines too. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.