Automation is the future

It is always just a matter of being one step ahead. To have solutions ready when a market indicates that the times demand something new. With the BSM, mbk has an innovative cage welding machine in its programme, which ensures streamlined and economic everyday production with various, individually adaptable automation solutions.

Highest quality standards, maximum output, minimum manpower, trouble-free integration into spatial and existing production-relevant conditions, low maintenance requirements and short response times in case of service – these are the common demands made by customers of a machine manufacturer.
It is the daily routine for mbk – and the ambition to always offer a little more. The versatile possibilities for individualisation of the machines achieve an enormous savings potential in terms of material and the production process. Tailor-made automation solutions are an essential part of the everyday business of mbk Maschinenbau GmbH. mbk develops, designs and implements modern concepts for the rebar, precast concrete, manhole and concrete pipe industry at its headquarters in Kisslegg: the BSM cage welding machine is available with different automation solutions due to its innovative technology and modular design.

The BSM cage welding machine has long been tried and tested for the production of reinforcement cages for the manhole and concrete pipe industry. BSM technology and its wide range of applications have become an integral part of everyday production for many customers. With the BSM cage welding machine, reinforcement cages can be produced in the following designs: round (straight or with spigot and bell / socket), double cages (outer and inner cage) one behind the other, oval, egg shape, open shape or special shapes such as round-oval-round (ROR). Eight different sizes are currently available, the producible cage diameters range from 220 – 5,200 mm, depending on the machine type. For the cage lengths to be produced, dimensions of up to 7,000 mm apply, other lengths are possible on request.

Reliability, stability and durability, low maintenance and energy costs combined with high productivity are the core features of this cage welding machine. Strictest production tolerances for exact and straight cages and their compatibility with any standard make the BSM highly suitable for everyday use.

Companies are under constant pressure to improve their day-to-day production. Adapted automation solutions are predestined to optimise the value chain of a company. mbk provides interesting automation solutions for the BSM and BSM-ROR cage welding machines. These range from simple automation accessories to fully automatic production lines with buffer solutions and transfer of the reinforcement to the downstream pipe machine:

  • Wire straightening and cutting machine (DRA) for the production of longitudinal wires The DRA family ranges from simple single wire straightening and cutting machines in various gradings (DRA-C and DRA-E) to the new multiple wire straightening and cutting machine, DRA-M. The facilities for straightening, cutting and bending reinforcement wire from a coil cover wire diameters in the range of 4 to 20 mm. The automatic wire change in the DRA-M, equipped with up to 6 rotors for different wire diameters, ensures a smooth workflow. Production lengths up to max. 14 m and straightening speeds up to 140 m/min are possible and numerous optional additional features such as automatic connection to the cage welding machines make the production process noticeably easier.
  • Automatic longitudinal wire feeding with wire from the bundle or from the coil The feeding of the longitudinal wires for the cage can be automated, either from the bundle (ALZ-B) or directly from the coil (ALZ-C). These variants are fed individually, bar by bar, and also allow the loading of non-round products (oval, egg shape, etc.).
    The new version of the type ALZ-M automatic longitudinal wire feeder opens up new dimensions in terms of cage output: the new feeding system allows all of the longitudinal wires required for the cage to be inserted – fully automatically – in one step for all the cage diameters that can be manufactured by the machine. The basic version of the longitudinal wire feeder works with pre-lengthened longitudinal wires from the magazine, which can be filled with up to one tonne of material. Alternatively, the design and combination with an integrated wire straightening and cutting machine, which works directly from the coil, is also possible here.
  • Multiple winding wire guide with automatic and quick wire change
  • Automatic winding wire shears This allows automatic cutting of the winding wire after the welding process.

Adequate solutions are also available for the removal and handling of the manufactured products. In addition to simple and electro-hydraulically adjustable cage removal carriages, different versions are available for automated handling of the cages:

  • Cage removal devices (KEG) for removing and setting down the reinforcement. Different versions cover a wide range of requirements, from just one to several set-down positions, as well as the loading of buffer and conveyor belts
  • Cage removal and joining devices (KFG) for removing, setting down and joining double reinforcements (outer and inner cage). With this version, too, several set-down positions and the loading of buffer and conveyor belts are possible.
  • Buffer solutions for intermediate buffering of reinforcements.
  • Transport solutions for safe transfer of the reinforcement to the downstream pipe machine.

The machine control system and the software solutions offered are also all state-of-the-art. The connection of the machine software to the office workstation not only allows production lists to be generated and evaluated in the office. It is also easy to log all machine parameters and settings, and to save and evaluate production data.
Through hotline solutions for the secure transmission of image-controlled customer support with completely new and innovative systems for efficient maintenance and repair with Augmented Reality and Assisted Reality, mbk is also at the forefront when it comes to the service practised.

These individually adaptable automation solutions are a step into the future, where top performance and competitiveness will play an even more important role. And a partner who has the appropriate spirit of innovation, decades of experience, a good deal of know-how and a great deal of social competence is a trendsetter. Because it is always the people who shape the future.


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