Straightening and cutting of reinforcing wire off the coil

The area of application of the DRA-10-C wire straightening and cutting machine from mbk with a wire diameter range of 4-10 mm and a max. straightening length of 4 m is primarily in the concrete pipe production for the manufacture and supply of longitudinal wires for the reinforcement cages, especially in connection with the cage welding machines from the mbk series ISM, ESM and BSM. However, the DRA-C is also interesting for manufacturers of other precast concrete elements or also reinforcing steel processing companies in order to straighten and cut wires of different lengths off the wire coil for further processing.

Recent optimisations of mbk’s rotor straightening technology and corresponding program/software updates have also been incorporated into the DRA-C, further improving straightening results and accuracies to allow very small tolerances for reinforcement in concrete pipes, precast elements and for rebar producers.

The reel carries the spooled wire material, which is available in various coil sizes. The standard reel for this machine carries coils of up to 3 tonnes in weight and is equipped with a pneumatically operated locking brake and wire sensing for quick detection of wire ends. Optionally, the straightening machine can also be equipped with a motor-driven version as well as a variant for 5-tonne coils in order to reduce the time required for coil changes.

Feed unit
The standard scope of supply of the DRA-C includes a feed unit that gently pulls the inserted wire from the reel and guides it to or through the straightening rotor. The feed unit, whose contact pressure is generated pneumatically, is easily adjustable and can thus handle all predefined wire sizes.

Rotor straightening unit
The DRA-C straightens the wires according to the rotor principle with straightening jaws/straightening nozzles, in which hard metal jaws rotate very quickly around the unwound wire. The straightening jaws describe a wire-specific, empirically determined curve and achieve a very good straightening result. The feed speed and rotor speed are also coordinated accordingly.

Stationary cutter
The DRA-C has a high-speed cutter, which was specially developed for this application. It is adapted to the corresponding wire diameters to ensure fast, safe cutting speeds. During this time, the feed motor and rotor motor run at virtually unthrottled speed.

Wire discharge
The wire discharge system, which ejects to the operator’s side as standard, also carries the length measuring system. This system is easily adjustable and convinces with its repeatability. There is a discharge area adapted to possible wire lengths, in which wires can be collected and bundled or simply removed. The wire discharge is positioned after the cutter and adjusted in height to the machine.

Control with PLC
A simple and clear operating console with touch display allows the operator to communicate with the machine and make all necessary entries. The DRA-C controller is based on B&R’s current platform, and all components such as PLC, visualization, safety technology and drives come from a single source. In the case of service and spare parts, the systems can also be attended to quickly and reliably in the future. In addition, these control components are available worldwide in the event of a malfunction.

Further areas of application
As a relatively simple machine, the DRA-C is tailored to the above-mentioned areas of application. For other or larger wire diameter ranges as well as longer wire lengths, mbk’s product range includes the single-rotor straightening systems type DRA-E as well as the multi-rotor systems type DRAM, which can also be combined with automation solutions or directly integrated into the downstream processes or machines.