mbk is to launch a new wire straightening and cutting machine with double bender – the DRA-16-M

Right on time for wire 2020, mbk will present its new product, the DRA-16-M, a new wire straightening and cutting machine for straightening, cutting and bending reinforcement wire from coil – offering many advantages.

The new wire straightening and cutting machine for the straightening, cutting and bending of reinforcement wire from the coil is designed to have a highly positive effect on a tight production schedule. 6/8/10/12/14/16 mm wire diameters belong to its wide processing spectrum, 6 rotors ensure a smooth workflow. The maximum production length is 14,000 mm, the minimum production length is 500 mm and the straightening speed can be controlled up to 140 m/min.

The DRA-16-M is available in a right-hand version as standard, in other words, the machine is loaded with wire from the right-hand side of the control panel. Production direction from right to left, rod removal on the left side. The machine has been equipped with clockwise rotating reels with adjustable reel attachment for an inner coil diameter of 370 – 900 mm and an outer coil diameter of max. 1,200 mm.
The coil weight is 3,000 kg, but can be supplied with 5,000 kg if required.
The feed unit is synchronised with the rotor alignment unit, which ensures a stable production process. Straightening rotors are equipped with carbide straightening elements, which among other advantages, provides excellent wear resistance as well as reduced maintenance time. The stationary cutter is also part of a stable, precise and economical production process.
A flying cutter is also available as an option.

The standard version of the DRA-16-M also includes the wire discharge of the cut reinforcement on the operator’s side for reinforcement operations. Wire lengths of 1 m and more can be bundled, wire lengths of less than 1 m are allowed to drop freely, e.g. into a cage. A distinctive aspect regarding this new design is, among other things, that the version with wire discharge on both sides is also available as an option.
The double bender for the production of the Z-bend (BF4) for precast concrete and element slab production is an additional useful option. Consequently, this additional feature can be used to accommodate and satisfy a wide range of customer situations and demands.
The IPS control and Soft PLC provide for the stable processes of the DRA-16-M. The machine does not require hydraulics, which is also reflected in lower maintenance requirements.
Furthermore, this machine of course complies with all technical and safety specifications according to CE conformity.

To ensure that customers are provided with the most effective solution in all situations, mbk is launching an extensive range of accessories for all new developments – including for the DRA-16-M. In addition to double-sided wire ejection (as mentioned above), a LAN connection and a double bender for Z-bending (BF4) are available as options for the DRA-16-M. The definition/precise specification of the interfaces from the host computer or for the wire transfer (interface 1 for the loading of the circulation system, interface 2 for the loading of the production such as double wall solid wall and slab) can also be optionally implemented.
The necessary and safe operation has to be guaranteed, as the machine is not only delivered as a stand-alone unit, but also works together with existing circulation systems. The definition/accurate determination of the interfaces and safety technology – which is also possible as an option – is a crucial factor.

mbk also offers additional features in the field of sorting technology for reinforcement spacers: The optimised sorting technology is integrated into the machine both mechanically and with regard to the control system. Sorting technology such as the sorting container and feed rails have been improved, the spacer gun has been reworked, adapted to different spacer diameters and further developed.

The wire straightening and cutting machine with double bender – DRA-16-M – represents a new development from mbk that will make everyday production easier for many companies.
Looking into the future with foresight and guaranteeing security of investment – a highly qualified team is available to customers for after sales service and support.
The technology from mbk Maschinenbau GmbH, which is founded on precision and a high level of individualisation, offers the best conditions for economic efficiency and consequently contributes significantly to modern economic life. https://youtu.be/xgoiqS6FLbU


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