Customised solutions for the modernisation and optimization of production facilities

Customised solutions for the modernisation and optimization of production facilities

The renowned company mbk Maschinenbau in Kisslegg is increasingly establishing itself as a preferred partner for customer-specific solutions in the modernisation and optimisation of production systems. Through dedicated collaboration with customers and continuous expansion of the product portfolio, mbk is able to precisely identify and realise individual requirements.

The modernisation and optimisation of existing production facilities is one of the focal points of the corporate strategy. Supported by the company’s practice-focused development and design departments, this area is increasingly taking centre stage. Customers

benefit from the many years of experience and the customer- and solution-orientated approach that is one of the company’s guiding principles.

A very good example of mbk’s innovative strength is the newly developed product family of the mbk DRA wire straightening and cutting machine. The DRA family offers solutions for different requirements in various versions:

DRA C features

Rotor straightener with one rotor, fixed measuring stop and upright cutters. A cost-effective solution, particularly suited to jobs where the investment cost is paramount, without sacrificing quality.

Image 1: Wire straightening and cutting machine DRA-C

DRA E features

Rotor straightener with a rotor, length measurement by a measuring wheel and optional stationary or flying cutter. This variant is particularly suitable for tasks where a high-quality solution with simultaneous flexibility is required.

Image 2: Wire straightening and cutting machine DRA-E

DRA M features

Rotor straightener with up to six rotors, either stationary or flying cutters. This option offers very high performance and quality with great flexibility. This is an extremely worthwhile option, especially for customers who want to overcome capacity and quality bottlenecks in existing circulation systems.

Image 3: Wire straightening and cutting machine DRA-20-M for wires up to 20 mm

Another special feature of the DRA M series is the possibility of equipping it with a double bender, which considerably expands the range of applications and flexibility. This facilitates use in new investments and retrofits in precast plants and reinforcement bending companies. Other automation solutions include possibilities for placing the wires on a circulation pallet or picking units.

Image 4: DRA-M wire straightening and cutting machine with integrated double bender

mbk supports customers in all project phases – from the initial idea through project planning and technical implementation to commissioning and after-sales, directly on site in the customer’s existing infrastructure.

The contemporary implementation, modernisation and optimisation of advanced transport, logistics and automation solutions, safety concepts and software connections are also part of mbk Maschinenbau’s holistic concept of customer-oriented solutions.