Cage welding machine for the production of reinforcement square pile

C L Pile Sdn Bhd is a reputable manufacturer of Quality Reinforced Precast Concrete Square Piles. The company was incorporated in Malaysia in the 1990s and start with the aim of management commitment and term cooperation effort, in order to optimize both productivity with quality and equipment life cycle, and maximize infrastructures effectiveness with cost effective control.

The piles are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 125mm x 125mm to 450mm x 450mm and with various length 3.000 mm to 12.000 mm length, customize length can be made according to requirement as well – thus providing options to suit different working loads and depth of penetration and hence with minimum resources wastage. In order to meet the market, C L Pile produces both Reinforced Concrete Square pile and Prestressed Square pile.

C L Pile’s product has been cooperated in many of the major projects and used extensively in highrise buildings, commercial buildings, mall, port, bridges, reservoirs, retaining walls, schools, residences and shop lots. They are not only supplying piles in Malaysia, but also exporting to Singapore and Indonesia, such as projects at Malaysian Johor Port/PTP, the development of luxury real estate and various independent Chinese schools in Malaysia, as well as Changi Airport and the Tuas Mega Port project in Singapore.

Image 1 & 2: C L Pile Sdn Bhd in Johor Bahru

Image 3 & 4: Driven piles produced in different dimensions

RSM cage welding machine

To produce round and square reinforcements for driven and bored piles (with or without cone end), columns and beams, that is what the cage welding machine RSM stands for in the -V and -S versions. For square cages (type RSM-V), the flank length on the outside ranges from 92 to 422 mm, depending on the wire combinations. The number of longitudinal wires is four, with optional double wires in the corner. In the round version (type RSM-S), round columns and micropiles with an outer cage diameter between 130 and 596 mm can also be manufactured. Cage lengths are possible from 3 to 18 m, with other sizes also available on request.

The RSM can convince with many features, such as a very high variability in the freely programmable winding wire pitch (also multiple production of short cages in a long cage programmable), the production of cages with tip (cone end) by means of pre-bent longitudinal wires or the possibility of double wires in the corner. Due to the economical resistance welding technology, the RSM also eliminates the consumption of shielding gas and electrodes.

The cage welding machine also convinces many users with its simple handling, with the setting of the reinforcement cage and welding data via saved programmes, low maintenance requirements and the LAN/WLAN connection for uncomplicated remote maintenance.

Image 5: mbk cage welding machine RSM-V at C L Pile’s plant for high quality and efficient reinforcement for driven piles