Showing Greatness – Cage Welding Machine LSM-084-S

The LSM-084-S Cage Welding Machines from mbk feature exceptionally high reliability, longevity, and rugged construction. They are extremely suitable for heavy-duty production conditions in steel works as well as pre-cast concrete parts plants. Series LSM cage welding machines have been developed for manufacturing round and square reinforcements for driven and bored piles, columns and beams in building, underground and prefabricated construction with larger dimensions.
LSM reinforcement welding machines do not consume any inert gas and electrodes. Using new electronic welding point control, an enormously high level of welding capacity is achieved that is many times higher than an inert-gas facility and ensures the highest welding quality at the same time.

The LSM from mbk stands for maximum flexibility in manufacturing and is easily and quickly adjusted. The cage lengths of model LSM-084-S range from 2,500 – 14,000 mm. The standard longitudinal wire diameter is 12 – 25 mm and up to 40 mm is possible as an option. The wrap wire diameter is 6 – 8 mm. The LSM has a high level of variability in the wrap wire spacing and can be easily adjusted to the customer’s requirements. A clearly laid out Touch Panel and the IPC/SPS control facilitate very easy operation and programming. The adjustment of the reinforcement cage and welding data can be easily stored via programs, which means a tangible relief for employees in day-to-day production.

The variety of features of the LSM-084-S is geared to the high requirements profile of an innovative industry. The hydraulic longitudinal clamping, longitudinal supports, cage supports, adjustable reel supports, motor driven wrap wire bases, doubled wrap wire feeding as well as the weld and the medium frequency welding technology of 1000 Hz ensure stable production processes. The machine is controlled using the Siemens Microbox (PC) and Soft-SPS (Win-AC); a UPS is used for the controlled shutdown of the PC.
The voltage is 400 volt mains frequency 50 Hz and can optionally be adjusted according to country requirements. The standard ambient air temperature can go as high as +40 °C – there is also the option of a region-specific increase to +55 °C. Customer support through the mbk service team can be realised online at any time via a WiFi connection and mbk remote maintenance.
mbk Maschinenbau GmbH is ISO certified and manufactures the machines in accordance with the latest EU Machinery Directive.
mbk optionally provides a very large range of accessories.
In close collaboration with our in-house mbk technology team, the machine specifications are customised to the requirements profile of the customer.

mbk LSM 084 S cage welding machine
mbk LSM 084 S
mbk LSM 084 S cage welding machine