Spare parts

Original mbk spare parts ensure that production runs smoothly and guarantee a high quality installation – for many years. Our competent employees are happy to assist you with all of your spare parts or order enquiries.

Our large warehouse as well as modern IT systems ensure that all spare parts orders and deliveries are handled quickly and reliably.

mbk machines are well known for their very long lifespan and we are therefore able to provide spare parts even for machines that are 40 or older. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Thilo Mackert
Phone: +49 7563 9131 440
Telefax: +49 7563 9131 9440

Denise Kramer
Phone: +49 7563 9131 441
Telefax: +49 7563 9131 9441

Annemarie Knolmayer
Phone: +49 7563 9131 111
Telefax: +49 7563 9131 9111