We are a service-oriented company offering innovative modernisation solutions for older generations of mbk machines to ensure operational readiness and reduce operating costs. Various standard retrofit levels are available. We would be happy to provide you with a package tailored to your requirements on request.

Our basic package includes the replacement of the most important electronic parts, which are difficult to exchange, ensuring a fault-free control process with new parts. In addition, you will also receive a higher level of personal protection due to the latest generation of safety controls with monitoring of the drive speed and axle position.


  • New control cabinet
  • Latest safety control and light grids
  • New drive inverters
  • Servo drive motors
  • Main wheel lubrication
  • 15″ touch screen
  • Remote maintenance connection via Internet

All BSM machine options are also available with the basic package including, for example, various cage removal devices, automatic longitudinal wire feed, electric reel, new automatic wire wrap cutter, and much more…


Upgrade level 1:
Pneumatics and hydraulics package
new pneumatic valves, pressure reducer and complete HY unit

Upgrade level 2:
Speed package
(up to 20% higher speed, automatic wire wrap cutter and cage removal robot)

Upgrade level 3:
Mechanics package
(new main wheel, clamping strips, slider, track rollers, expanding and thrust shaft bearings)


  • Password assignment with different password levels for each employee
  • Creation and saving of endless cage programs
  • Automatic saving of daily production by reference to operator, quantity and cage program name
  • Easy language selection for the display in the main menu
  • Convenient remote maintenance option




Francisco Beltrán, Plant manager, Manufacturas de Cemento S.A.


Manufacturas de Cemento S.A. has been producing concrete pipes since 1990 using an excellent mbk welding machine. In 2015, the product range was reviewed for cost-effectiveness. It turned out that an upgrade could safeguard the future supply of spare parts.

Manufacturas de Cemento S.A. contacted the mbk team, asking for a solution and was provided with a Retrofit Package to upgrade the system.



  • New drive controls
  • A new control panel with safety control
  • Monitoring of drive positions and speed
  • Latest PLC control
  • Industry computer with touch panel
  • Internet connection
  • Latest safety standards
  • New pneumatic valves and hydraulic units
  • Highlight: The remote service – the mbk service team can also offer us support in the event of an emergency and so prevent a machine breakdown

“The retrofit solution from mbk secures our future. We can definitely recommend them! We believe that mbk provides the right solution for every type of machine”.


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