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Cage welding machine VSM-053-V

for the production of square reinforcements for driven piles and bored piles, columns and beams with or without a cone

  • mbk vsm 053 cage welding machine
  • mbk vsm 053 cage welding machine
Typ VSM-053-V
Size* 053
Version V
Diagonal / diameter of the cage mm 130-530
Flange length* mm 110×110 – 421×421
Number of longitudinal 4-8
max. 1/min 25-50
Cage length max. mm 18.000
Spacing of wrap wire 30-200
Longitudinal ∅ mm 8-20 / 25
Wrap wire ∅ mm 5-8
Welding capacity KVA 160
Production rates bis zu 1300 m / 8 h

* Further diameters on request
Bold Standard

Characteristics VSM-053-V:

  • No consumption of welding gas and electrodes
  • No special foundation required
  • Very high production rates
  • Highest flexibility due to fast changeover of the machine
  • Setting of cages and welding parameters with memorized cage programs
  • Easy operation by the use of a Touch-Panel and IPC/PLC-control
  • Highest variability of the wrap wire spacing (production of several short cages in one long cage is fully programmable)
  • Ergonomical handling at the wire and cage side

Accessories VSM-053-V (optional):

  • Double-wire in the corner or wire on the flanks
  • Power package for higher welding and production performance
  • Spooling automat for re-spooling standard coils to a machine spool
  • Integration of a feeding device to allow the welding of a narrow first wrap
  • LAN- / WLAN-connection for trouble shooting, updates and production planning
  • Quick adjustment to reduce changeover times when changing the diameter (only VSM-053-V)
  • Automation for feeding longitudinal wires and handling the finished cages (only VSM-053-V)


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