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Mesh welding machine MSM-B

for the production of reinforcement mesh flat elements, frame profiles, L and U shaped dry cast concrete products as well as boxes and rectangular pipe for box culvert, U-ditch

Size* 100/150/200/250/300
Mesh width 400 to max. 3,000 mm
Mesh length 1,000 – 14,000 mm (larger lengths on request)
Longitudinal wire Ø 5 – 12 mm (optional 5 – 20 mm)
Cross wire Ø 5 – 12 mm (optional 5 – 16 mm)
Number of longitudinals according to customer requirements
Distance between longitudinal wires (grid) 50/100/150 mm
Distance between cross wires fixed in 50 mm steps, min. 50 mm, optionally infinitely variable
Welding capacity depending on the version up to 350 kVA

* further diameters on request

Characteristics and Accessories:

  • Setting of mesh and welding parameters with memorized mesh programs
  • Highest flexibility due to short change over time
  • Processing of cut rods for cross and longitudinal wires
  • Manual longitudinal and cross wire feeding
  • Easy operation by the use of a Touch-Panel and IPC/PLC-control
  • Standard with 2 Phase thyristor control
  • Maintenance friendly and low maintenance cost
  • Only electrical or pneumatic components
  • Automatic mesh ejection
  • Versatile automation solutions
  • LAN/WLAN connection
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