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Automation solutions for our mesh welding machines from simple automation accessories to fully automatic production lines with buffer solutions and connection to downstream systems

Characteristics and Accessories:

  • Storage systems for longitudinal and cross wires for pre-assembly of the wires from coils
  • Automatic feeding of the pre-assembled longitudinal wires in the machine
  • Fully automatic feeding of longitudinal and cross wire from bundle or coil
  • Automated wire separation systems for wire feeding from coils
  • Straightening rotors for longitudinal and cross wire feeding from coils
  • Connection of a multiple wire straightening and cutting plant (DRA-M) for automatic feeding of longitudinal and cross wire
  • Increased performance through multi-transformer/ welding stations
  • Medium-frequency welding systems (inverter technology)
  • Various designs and solutions for mesh ejection and stacking of the mesh
  • Possibilities for space-saving storage of the meshes (left/right) or by using buffer solutions
  • Tilting table and vertical conveyor for the reinforcement mesh
  • Fully automatic production of reinforcements for boxes (MSM-Box-Line)
  • Automatic bending unit with supporting transport trolleys
  • Single bender, multiple bender or complete bending machines in horizontal or vertical arrangement for integration into machines and plants
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