Cage Welding Maschine BSM-Automation

Automation solutions for cage welding machine type BSM and BSM-ROR from simple automation accessories to fully automatic production lines with buffer solutions and transfer of the reinforcement to the pipe machine

Characteristics and Accessories:

  • Wire straightening and cutting machines for the production of longitudinal wires
  • Wrap wire decoilers with and without drive
  • Multiple wrap wire feed for quick wire change
  • Automated longitudinal wire feed with wire from bundle
  • Automated longitudinal wire feed with wire from the coil
  • Automatic wire wrap cutter
  • Aids for handling the finished products such as a cage removal carriage
  • Cage removal devices for removing and parking the reinforcement
  • Cage removal and joining devices for removal, placement, positioning and joining of reinforcements and double reinforcements
  • Buffer solutions for the storage of reinforcements
  • Transport solutions for transferring the reinforcement to the pipe machine
  • Various software solutions such as:

– Machine software for connection to the office
– Production lists generated in the office
– Logging of all machine parameters and settings
– Logging and saving of production data
– Customer requirements

Product Catalogue