Cage welding machine ASM

for the flexible production of reinforcements for driven and bored piles, columns and beams

Size 150
Version R
Cage diameter (outer) min. 236 – 274 mm
max.,1.536 – 1,574 mm
depending on the number of longitudinal wires and wire combinations
Number of longitudinals as needed
Cage length max. 24,000 mm
Longitudinal wire Ø 12 – 25 mm (optional 12 – 32 mm)
Wrap wire Ø 6 – 12 mm (optional 6 – 16 mm)
Spacing of wrap wire 20 – 250 mm

– further diameters on request

Characteristics and Accessories:

  • Touch screen with colour screen
  • Straightening unit for wrap wire
  • Different welding processes possible
  • Hydraulic cage support
  • Setting of cages and welding parameters with memorized cage programs
  • Wrap wire decoilers with or without drive
  • Different longitudinal wire diameters and asynchronous divisions in one cage
  • LAN/WLAN connection
  • Manual welding by hand
  • Inert gas shielded arc welding single and multiple • Resistance welding


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