Cage handling device KHG

for ergonomic handling during cage finishing

Size 160
Cage diameter 200 – 1,600 mm
Maximum load 1,200 kg / support (hold and turn cage)
300 kg / support (lift, hold and turn cage)
Cage length 3,000 – 24,000 mm
Lifting height 600 – 1,500 mm

– further sizes on request

Characteristics and Accessories:

  • Ergonomic handling during cage finishing (welding in inner rings, spacers, etc.)
  • Adjustment of the reinforcement cage to the desired height
  • The cages can be turned to the left and right
  • Easy handling control system
  • Foot switch
  • Rotary drive units can be upgraded on each support
  • Side guides can be upgraded on each support
  • Storage compartments for welded-in parts
  • Devices for mass transfer to the base frame
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