Welding machines, plants and automation for the construction and concrete industry

In 1961, Georg Pfender decided to become self-employed and set up his own small mechanical turning shop – initially at his home in a garage. What started in a small way soon got around and more and more companies began to trust Pfender's quality and inventiveness. A parallel development represented a milestone for the company: in the 1960s, the reinforced concrete pipe came onto the market. As a result, the first cage welding machine from Pfender was created and became a signpost for the next decades. The name Pfender was becoming increasingly well-known, even beyond Germany's borders. In wise foresight that there might be difficulties with the pronunciation of the name Pfender, the name was changed. Georg Pfender [...]

Allgäu Solidarity – New Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine for Böck Bau

Hans Böck GmbH & Co. KG, a company from Sonthofen, Allgäu, Germany, has been carrying out challenging projects in structural, civil and specialist foundation engineering for 75 years now. The construction company owes its good name in southern Germany primarily to its enthusiasm for innovation. This is surely also one of the reasons why cooperation with the mbk mechanical engineering company from Kisslegg, Allgäu, works so well: two companies from Allgäu with the same commitment to quality and a very similar philosophy. Since very recently, Böck Bau high-quality precast concrete elements have been produced, among other things, with a DRA-M – a wire straightening and cutting system for straightening, cutting and bending reinforcement wire from a coil. The [...]

Straightening and cutting of reinforcing wire off the coil

The area of application of the DRA-10-C wire straightening and cutting machine from mbk with a wire diameter range of 4-10 mm and a max. straightening length of 4 m is primarily in the concrete pipe production for the manufacture and supply of longitudinal wires for the reinforcement cages, especially in connection with the cage welding machines from the mbk series ISM, ESM and BSM. However, the DRA-C is also interesting for manufacturers of other precast concrete elements or also reinforcing steel processing companies in order to straighten and cut wires of different lengths off the wire coil for further processing. Recent optimisations of mbk’s rotor straightening technology and corresponding program/software updates have also been incorporated into the [...]

  • cage welding machines at CMC in Italy group photo

Cage welding machine for circular / oval / circular reinforcement in everyday production

An innovation from mbk, the cage welding machine for production of reinforcement cages for the shaft and concrete pipe industry that makes circular / oval / circular reinforcement possible, delighted the Italian customer CMC. It expanded its concrete pipe production line with the new mbk welding machine in 2016. With the decision to invest in this innovative production method, which achieves high mechanical strength through optimisation of raw materials, CMC further expanded its position in the market and once again justified its excellent reputation as a modern company with vision and innovative strength. Approximately 50% of the reinforcing material in each concrete pipe can be saved with circular / oval / circular reinforcement. This is made possible, because only [...]

  • concrete pipe warehouse at Tubeos Campeon in Costa Rica

Fábrica de Tubos Campeón in Costa Rica relies on quality from Germany for cage manufacturing

The very high quality of products from mbk is the result of many years of know-how, optimised transfer of knowledge, continuing innovative force and a reliable entrepreneurial intuition for the solutions of tomorrow's market.  Since the company was founded in 1961, mbk has been developing and selling welding machines and plants for the concrete industry and impressing all over the world through the high level of individualisation. With more than 900 welding machines sold and over 1,100 machines in total in more than 60 countries, as well as pronounced customer orientation, mbk has established itself as one of the leading companies in the industry. mbk began in 1990 to expand its activities to the Latin-American market. mbk has [...]

  • mbk Maschinenbau GmbH MSM B-Linie Schemagrafik

Into the future: automatic production line for the manufacture of box culvert reinforcements

Innovative force and customer orientation are the values that determine daily production at mbk. mbk has now faced up to the latest market requirements and has conceived and realised the first fully automatic production line for the manufacture of box culvert reinforcements in accordance with individual customer ideas. mbk Maschinenbau GmbH has two semi-automatic MSM-B mesh welding machines on the market – now a fully automatic machine has been realised and delivered at the customers' request. Daily work thus focuses on the reduction of the use of personnel to a minimum, high process reliability, maximum quality and flexibility, an optimised workflow and eco-nomical aspects. Bent 3D meshes with wire diameters ranging from 8 to 20 mm can be [...]

  • mbk Maschinenbau refurbishments on assembly terminal

Improved performance completely automatically

Production processes have proven themselves, competitive advantages are secured and yet – some day the time has come: the machine has a certain age that forces one to think about appropriate measures. Replace? Retrofit? Before an impending machine downtime paralyses everyday production, the decision should be made – and ideally should already have been implemented! For many older machines, supplying spare parts is not feasible or simply complicated. An automation process can be brought about or enhanced with various upgrades. mbk long ago made a name for itself as a service-oriented company. For this reason, we offer modifications for your machine(s) in various expansion stages and price classes. These modernisation measures for older generations of mbk machines are there [...]