As one of the leading manufacturers of welding machines and systems for reinforcement solutions in the prefabricated building and precast concrete industry, mbk Maschinenbau GmbH from Kisslegg presents its future-oriented developments at the bauma trade show. This global player has extensive experience, know-how, inventiveness and innovative capacity. mbk designs are considered to be trendsetting in the industry. mbk focuses on the issue of automation at the bauma 2019 trade show.

As an internationally active company, mbk is famous as a system solution partner in over 60 countries in the world. In addition to construction of standard and special machines as well as diverse development projects, with decades of experience and expertise, mbk also stands for comprehensive, sophisticated services, from the first design sketch to production, installation and last, but not least, professional after-sales service.
Individualisations, in which customer-specific requirements are brought to realisation, play a significant role in mbk’s daily scope of work. mbk’s modern machine pool enables both contract production and the manufacture of parts and assemblies in the areas of machining and steel construction.

The dynamism of the medium-sized mbk company is impressive and is proven once again. In time for the bauma trade show, mbk shows a rapidly changing industry how tangible competitive advantages are gained and competitive advantages can be developed in a fiercely competitive market. Automation plays a decisive role in positively influencing production processes sustainably.

MSM-M mesh welding machine
The MSM-M mesh welding machine is one of many modern machine concepts from mbk that enable efficient production. With this mesh welding system, mbk has a fully automatic mesh welding machine in their product range for the production of CAD-based reinforcement meshes for the manufacture of precast concrete elements such as solid walls, sandwich walls, double walls and precast slabs with in-situ topping. This automatic production also allows the cut-outs for windows and door openings to be taken into account, which is becoming increasingly important.

MSM-M flexible mesh welding plant
The MSM-M flexible mesh welding plant welds reinforcing steel meshes from the coil in accordance with individual specifications. Depending on the requirements, the producible mesh width lies within a range of 400 to 4,000 mm, while the mesh lengths range from 1,000 to 14,000 mm. Larger dimensions are possible on request.

The DRA-M multiple rotor straightening and cutting machine automatically ensures placement of longitudinal and transverse wires from the coil. Wire diameter ranges from 5 to 12 mm and optionally up to 20 mm. The pitch for the longitudinal wire is 25 mm; the spacing of the longitudinal wires depends on their diameter. The minimum transverse wire spacing is fixed at 50 mm. It can be made continuously variable as an option. The average production output is around 160 sq. metres/hour; however, this depends on the mesh occupancy and the cut-outs. Higher output upon request.

MSM-M plant system
The MSM-M plant system impresses due to its compact design and consequent low space requirement. Due to the modularity of the system, individual, customer-specific solutions and modifications are possible and even later system expansions can be implemented without difficulty.

The robust construction and low maintenance cost guarantee very high suitability for everyday use. The connection to the Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface enables the uncomplicated and free exchange of information inside the precast plant. LAN- and WLAN connection for fast, easy troubleshooting and the use of updates for production planning is state of the art. A large range of accessories usefully complements the automation.

BSM and BSM-ROR cage welding machines
Automation solutions, from simple automation accessories to the fully automatic production line with buffer solutions and transfer of reinforcement to the pipe machine, are also available for the BSM and BSM-ROR cage welding machines. Modern, intelligent software solutions positively support the process.

Wire straightening and cutting machines for production of longitudinal wires, winding wire guidance for fast wire changes, automated longitudinal wire feed with wire from a bundle or a coil, and automatic winding wire cutter, various aids for handling the finished products (e.g. cage extraction trolley), cage removal devices for removing and setting down reinforcement, cage removal and assembly devices for removal, setting down, positioning and assembling reinforcement and double reinforcement, buffer solutions for retention of reinforcement and transport solutions for the transfer of reinforcement to the pipe machine are components of an automation solution.

But the mbk product portfolio is much larger:

Mesh welding machines

  • for the production of reinforcement meshes, mesh reinforcement, special mesh, ladders, bar supports, spacers, small formats, strips for AAC concrete, driven piles, flat elements, box culverts,
  • L- and U-shaped precast elements as well as boxes and rectangles for box culverts, U-ditch
  • for the production of flat elements, frame profiles, L and U- shaped precast elements as well as boxes and rectangular pipes for box culverts, U-ditch
  • for the production of list, drawing and reinforcement meshes

Lattice girder welding machines

  • for production of standard lattice girders with various performance grades for the reinforcing steel bending company and the precast plant
  • for production of single-hip lattice girders and support spacers for the reinforcing steel bending company and the precast plant

Single and multiple wire straightening and cutting machine:

  • for straightening and cutting of reinforcing wire from the coil for the reinforcing steel bending company and the precast plant

Cage welding machines

  • for flexible production of reinforcement for driven and bored piles in the reinforcing steel bending company and the precast plant for use in foundation engineering and construction as well as columns and beams in precast concrete element and building construction
  • for production of round and rectangular reinforcement for driven and bored piles, columns, beams and ring anchor reinforcement
  • for production of round and conical reinforcement for concrete poles, driven and bored piles, columns and beams
  • for production of round and rectangular reinforcement for driven and bored piles, columns and beams, with or without taper
  • for production of rectangular reinforcement, for driven and bored piles, columns and beams
  • for production of reinforcement cages for the manhole and concrete pipe industry
  • for production of reinforcement cages for the manhole and concrete pipe industry as well as jacking and high-pressure pipes
  • for material-optimised reinforcement production in round-oval-round form (patented). This new technology sets standards in the production of normal double-reinforced concrete pipes. Due to the optimised cage geometry for tension zones, secondary reinforcement can be omitted in production, allowing the costs to be reduced by up to 50%.

 Automation solutions

After sales service



The focus is on the customer-specific solution and efficiency in all developments: Additional costs are avoided or minimised when required. Extra costs due to construction measures do not occur, since almost no model series requires a foundation.

mbk will have several machines in production as well as final commissioning before, during and following the bauma trade show. During this period, the MSM-M, MSM-S, DRA-M, BSM-R and BSM-ROR series can be inspected in mbk’s production facility in Kisslegg.

Interested parties can find mbk at Hall B1, Stand 112 at the bauma 2019 trade show.