Production processes have proven themselves, competitive advantages are secured and yet – some day the time has come: the machine has a certain age that forces one to think about appropriate measures.

Before an impending machine downtime paralyses everyday production, the decision should be made – and ideally should already have been implemented! For many older machines, supplying spare parts is not feasible or simply complicated. An automation process can be brought about or enhanced with various upgrades.

mbk long ago made a name for itself as a service-oriented company. For this reason, we offer modifications for your machine(s) in various expansion stages and price classes. These modernisation measures for older generations of mbk machines are there to ensure operational readiness and significantly reduce operating costs.
The conversion measures are of course adapted to the operational purpose. In this way, an extension of the area of application can be achieved and an increase of the production capacity attained.

Automation means greater efficiency with a system and is the future-proof response to the demands of an innovative, fast growing and increasingly whirlwind market. Our innovative as well as tried and tested solutions ensure the highest degree of efficiency, flexibility and economy. For our automation solutions are not reserved only for large series production – no – automation technology is becoming interesting and feasible also in the production of small series and even a single piece by using highly flexible systems.

However, service orientation means for us so much more: both at the company headquarters in Kisslegg as well as in all of our branches, agencies and spare and wear part warehouses all over the world, an optimally trained and highly motivated service personnel ensures the unconditional satisfaction of our customers and provides professional and smooth installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of the machines. Extensive trainings for our customers regarding use and handling of the machines are part of our After Sales Services. Through our worldwide presence and perfect networking, we can offer an enormously high availability of spare and wear parts that will guarantee you minimal downtimes.
So that you can resume your everyday production as fast as possible in case of a malfunction and not risk an expensive machine breakdown, a LAN-/WLAN connection is also possible for rapid troubleshooting. Appropriate updates increase production stability accordingly.
We at mbk stand for customised solutions. This means for you that for every machine from our company an unbelievably large portfolio of optional accessories is available.This will have a significantly positive impact on your production process – and thus your added value.

Our extensive general range of accessories will also make work noticeably more efficient. And then there is still the very individual specification that makes your machine so unique – which we will design and implement according to your requirements, wishes and needs. So that you are precisely this one very decisive step further along…

mbk Maschinenbau refurbishments on assembly terminal
mbk Maschinenbau refurbishments on machine