Since mbk Maschinenbau GmbH was established in 1961 by Georg Pfender, the company has developed to be one of the leading producers of cage welding machines and equipment for the building and concrete industry, by technical know-how, inventive thinking, high quality standards and a close cooperation with customers.

More than 1,100 welding machines have meanwhile been sold to over 60 countries worldwide. We continually work to expand our product portfolio in order to be able to fulfil even the most unusual customer requirements.



on the market

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welding machines



countries worldwide

high level of

customi- sation


We deal with our customers holistically, regardless of whether their requirements include standard machines, customized changes or special machines. Beginning with the initial design sketch up to the production and installation, we accompany the entire process and provide professional support throughout all stages. This also applies to the manufacture of parts and assemblies related to machining and steel construction, as well as contract manufacturing: we are the right partners.

Our entire equipment portfolio is characterised by extreme reliability, durability and a robust design. High productivity, maximum flexibility and suitability for daily use, simple handling and a minimum of personnel required all influence the value of our solutions. All the products we develop and make fit these requirements.

It is not only technical know-how that influences the day-to-day work in our company. Our social skills are also a decisive factor, when it comes to our success. We make no compromises when it comes to customer-centricity. But part of our culture involves deep understanding for all people involved in the process. We have a maximum of knowledge-bearers involved in the process. We deal with each other as partners. We have absolute transparency, a fair pricing structure, optimised knowledge-transfer. We have quality campaigns; not just in theory, but in practice. Our quality management system, based on DIN EN ISO 9001, is one of the primary guarantors of quality assurance and reliability of our products. It promotes the continual improvement of our processes.

You can also recognise our corporate culture in our After Sales Service. Perfectly organised After Sales Service, quick and reliable spare parts delivery, professional service and maintenance, innovative upgrading and/or modernisation initiatives for the machines all mean that we are able to keep the down-times of the equipment to a bare minimum.

All of these factors are what we understand by a customer- centric approach with real value-add.

“Part of our day-to-day work includes establishing solutions for the market that can be quickly and easily integrated in to existing manufacturing processes. This influences daily production routines in a positive and sustainable manner.”


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MBK Sales & Service Inc.
408 Dry Creek Ave.
West Burlington, IA 52655

Jeff Wilson
Engineer & Managing Director

Jared Simons

Michele Wilson

Dave Heater

Kenna Greiner
Spare Parts and Sales


LLC MBK Komplekt
ul. Ofitserskaya 18/1
445025 Togliatty, Samarskaya obl.



New DRA-16-M wire straightening and cutting system with bending option brought to the market


Introduction of the flexible MSM-M mesh welding system for the precast concrete industry


Development of the ASM for production of bored piles with flexible amount of longitudinal wires and further development of RSM cage welding machine for driven piles


Mario Pfender becomes sole Managing Director


Product development of an MSM-Box-Line for the production of box culvert reinforcements and BSM-ROR (round-oval-round) for material-optimized pipe production


Sale of paint roller and brush divison and begin of licensed production of the ISM-250 cage welding machine in India


Establishment of the Russian subsidiary mbk Komplekt


50th anniversary of the company and certification according to DIN EN ISO:9001:2008

Mario Pfender joins the company and is appointed as an additional Managing Director


Establishment of the subsidiary mbk Sales & Service Inc. in the US


Completion and occupation of the new assembly plant with administrative offices


Development and extension of the production plant


Construction of the assembly plant for machines for the production of paint rollers and brushes


Expansion of the production spectrum to machines for the production of paint rollers and brushes


Expansion of administration and mechanical production


Albert Pfender takes over corporate management from his father Georg Pfender


The first machine is delivered overseas (America)


Move to the present location


Sale of the first reinforcement welding machine


Georg Pfender founds a machine shop